Friday, 18 February 2011

Frome by night

I went to the Merlin Theatre on Tuesday to watch a series of documenteries made by young people. One of the docs was co-created by my daughter and this was to be the first showing with the official premier to be in April on a much smaller screen.

Look what greeted us in the 'foyer' on our arrival.!!!

Frome Stitch 'n' Bitch!
Mostly knitters, some sock knitting, one making a Scandi style ski jumper on a circlular kneedle. They had chocolate cake!!! They meet on a Tuesdays. Each crafter donates £3 to the Merlin Theatre. Both Sophie and I would have joined them if we had our knitting on us, but we went into the auditorium and watched the films.

 Generations Together
One of the films, by students at Frome Collage, and called 'Generations Together' was about young and old people. Amoung the people interviewed was a young graffitti artist Tom Sturgess who spent some time working with an older sculptor and fine artist Barry Cooper. The  painting they both worked on in the film was displayed in the theatre, so I got a shot of  Tom with the artwork.

Tom Sturgis Graffitti Artist

 People on the move
Sophie's film was shown after the break. I caught a glimpse of myself #1 son, and others in the background of some of the shots. This film is going to be archived in Somerset's record office, and is about people who moved to Somerset from other countries. A wide age group was interviewed from The landlady of the shop I rent (83) to children who moved here with their families or alone as refugees.

tempory image of sophie and the film crew 
Here's a temp image of Sophie (left) and the crew.

Sophie and I had to leave early, so missed the last films. The friendly Stitchers were still there when we left. They stitch from 7pm to 9pm.