Thursday, 26 November 2009

New haberdashery cabinet has arrived.

It's here!!! and it's so cute!! with its little drawers and custom built side console.

It looked so old and fragile with all the little drawers taken out, leaving just a glass shell and wooden skeleton. Then it didn't quite fit into my van, so Mc drove the 6 miles from Glastonbury to Ilchester, because he has far more nerve than me. We were told to bring more help than we thought we would need, but managed with three of us: Mc, me and Yusuf. Plus a helpful shove from a lady who saw it being removed and thought were moving in to the shop we were taking it from (I would always ask if I saw someone removing a haberdashery cabinet just incase they were dumping it!)

Moving an aged glass cabinet is nerve wracking stuff. Once it was in situ I had to rush off to meet the school bus and arrived back to find Mc had moved it into position and put the drawers back in. The rearranging to make space for it to fit through the door and to the back of the shop had taken all week. Next I can work out a new layout. It looks more like a shop now I have a counter.

Some of the drawers went missing during the many years and I have 20 of the 24 left.
The cabinet and console aren't the only items I bought.
I used to admire the copper display poles that the Hardware shop in Glastonbuy had in their window and now I have one of them in my shop. Millers the hardware shop closed in the last few years and the premises is now called Hunab Ku. I've supplied Hunab Ku with my glittery badges.
This copper piller is very very heavy, and the glass sheets stay in place as if by magic. It will be very usefull in the odd shaped window area at the front of the shop. I wonder where the other pillers have ended up.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Make way for the new

My open sign. I doodled this, but haven't got around to putting closed on the back
I'm excited about securing a new (1950's) counter which should arrive at the end of next week. It should compliment the set of drawers I already have. Some rearranging will have to be done to make room for it. The shop is going to look a little different.
This chair has now gone. It needed reupholsteringSome of these settings will stay and some will go. They have already changed as things got sold and replaced with more treasures.

The dark afternoons have made an impact on the shopping habits of my customers. None of the rush hour commuters seem stop to visit me anymore. I was closing at 6, but I close at a more sociable 5 now. The year is marching on. I didn't grow any pumpkins this year, so I had to buy them in! The shop was open for Trick or treaters and facepainting on halloween and I remember thinking it wasn't getting dark quickly enough to make our pumpkin lanterns look their best.

Natural air freshener in my shop

I remembered to plant some forced bulbs and made a note to myself in chalk on the stairs that they in in the cupboard below. The paper whites are nearly over now. I love their scent and took one pot to the shop and kept one at home. The hyacinths under the stairs will need to come out into the light soon and should be ready for christmas to give as gifts or keep. They are great as last minute gifts to unexpected visitors. I've put some in water in hyacinth jars. I found some vintage jars at a boot sale and they have coloured frosted bottom halves so the roots shouldn't look too freeky. Actually I think I'll go and check on them now........

Thursday, 1 October 2009

1950's Vintage Bowling

Number one son's favourite activity away from the computer, games console or TV is BOWLING. I was very excited to find that Gimme Shelter Vintage Boutique was holding a vintage and retro fair in a 50's bowling alley. I wasn't quick enough to book a stall, so went shopping and bowling instead. There was lots to see and do. I brushed up on my hula hooping technique and wondered why I hadn't got Mac booked for the busking. I'll ask Jamie next time. Everyone looked great and the stalls were bursting with stuff. We snuck out to have a wonder round Bristol and now we know to shop around for parking. We only found the 'park all day Sunday for £2.50 car park on the way home!!! We parked in the pay £7 for a few hours one :( good job I didn't take the van it's too tall for the NCP

Gimme Shelter Vintage Boutique is a permanent fixture in the Lanes bowling alley in Broardmead.

The bowling was great. Warning they have no side rails!!!! We usually have the rails up at Bowlpox it just make it less upsetting. We had to raise our games. It wasn't a problem for the couple in the next lane. I copied the man's method and got a spare!!

I bought fabric from this stall.

There were loads of clothes to look at and buy.

It was a tiring day (Sundays start early due to car booting) but a happy one.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Back down to earth from up north

I was invited to the lake district, but didn't want to leave the shop for too long. I had this bright idea of letting Mac drive up on his own and going up later by coach. We would drive back together. 11 hours into the coach journey Mac phones to say the car has died on the way to pick me up from the bus station. We hired a car and had the sad job of emptying stuff out of the old dead one into the tiny hire car. It is odd travelling in a modern car when you are used to vintage. You can't close electric windows when the key isn't in the ignition.

We bought some Cd's at a garage sale to listen to on the way home. The old car had a tape player.

I bought quite a few buttons on my trip up north. Not sure why, but I have a thing about packaging. I now have rather a lot of underwear buttons. I muttered my usual line 'I don't have to buy any more of those for a long time' The box is nothing special, but I liked it enough to buy all the buttons.

We stayed with lovely friends and were taken to a salvage yard and an antiques emporium. Reclamation yards are my idea of doing stuff out doors. Being hundreds of miles from home with a Ford Fiesta is a great way to stop yourself from buying large expensive items. The huge emporium had a wide range of vintage and antique items with a wide price range. I picked up a few items for my shop. The coach had stopped in Stoke-on-Trent and I wondered what sort of pottery items I would find if I jumped out and looked round. I was intrigued by some invalid feeder cups with spouts like teapots. Now I've noticed them I will probably see them everywhere.

NOW I'm back home I have just finished some bunting for a customers granddaughters. I've used the offcuts from curtains she made for their new bedrooms. Lovely Laura Ashley blue gingham and pink spot fabric. The display outside my shop was looking a bit too brown, so I cleaned some white chairs I got from auction and set them outside in the bright sunshine. Both the chairs and the bunting have now gone to new homes.
Tommorrow we take the hire car back to the local branch, and continue the hunt for a new car.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Junk shop joy

I've hit apon an idea to get rid of some of my stuff. I've open a shop! I'm on a scheme with the jobcentre. I get a mentor and 6 months trial.

Running a shop takes up a lot of time and that's my excuse for not updating my blog. Three months in to the scheme I can see the apeal of having a shop, but wish I could aford to have an assistant. It's great having happy customers, but I need to be out and about finding new stock.

I do get to spend time making things like the heart shaped lavender bags and crochet biscuits while waiting for customers.

Now of course I have an excuse for buying lovely vintage items or more fabric. The local auction is a great way to spend every other Saturday.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Snow Day!

All that's left of this snowman today is a plant pot sized mound of snow. The day the snow came was the day this village came alive. People were out in the streets, parks and gardens. The school was closed, the buses didn't run and most of the shops in Yeovil didn't open. The snow acted as a 'get out of school/college/work free card'. We made our snow man well and it is the only scrap of snow left in the area. It was the first real snow number-one-son has ever seen and been able to participate in. Since the snow we have had floods and now we have the promise of spring.

It wont be long before we will all be eating outside! I made some bunting from some vintage fabric I have been using to make grocery bags. Here it is hung it on the same hedge that Jerry the snowman was standing afront. What a difference exactly two weeks makes! Seems like a different season! I've taken a shine to this fabric having acquired similar patterns in blue, pink, purple and yellow colourways. I'm still looking for a green and a red version, so I can offer a whole spectrum of eco friendly reuseable shopping bags. Most of the fabric comes from recycling bedding and it seems that red and green prints are rare. I'm off search for some....

Friday, 30 January 2009

The big clear-out continues

photo taken a last years local bonfire night

It's a good thing there's more than one new years day and more than one calender. As this is my first post of the new year you can assume that I follow the Chinese calender! Lets see what the year of the ox brings. I'm supposed to be clearing out lots of clutter to appease my landlord, but this seams to involve um accumulating more stuff! I bought some lovely vintage suitcases to pack away my summer stuff. They are perched atop my new vintage wardrobe which I got from the furniture welfare people. It's fabulously Jeeves and Wooster with labelled shelves for my hats, shirts, pyjamas, underwear and sundries!

I think the cat is having trouble with the labelling system that looks like craft supplies not pyjamas! Progress is being made, however. I managed to part with a fat quarter of fabric. I eBayed some vintage Laura Ashley Strawberry Fields fabric this week. I have been making little heart shaped lavender sachets with it and wondered just how popular that Laura Ashley print is. I don't mind if no one else likes it, but it is nice to know. The eBay page got 108 hits in the week it was on, 11 people were watching it and it sold after getting 3 bids.