Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Rook Lane Retro Review

My Daughter manning the stall at Rook Lane Retro Frome March 2010
I've been visiting other blogs reading about Rook Lane Retro Fair. Even though I was as there selling it's still nice to see things through other's eyes and camera's. I've seen some lovely photo's of my stall and items people have bought from me. Also I've seen pictures of other stalls showing stuff I bought home with me! Alan's photo's on Suzy's Vintage Attic are wonderful. I took along a Mexican themed tin to keep my Toni Raymond Mexican Man sugar shaker company and it is now in the celestral company of a dog named Tog. I haven't seen the photo's Sophie (pictured here) took of the fair yet, she is busy with course work, so I won't distract her. I was going to just use everyone elses, but I do have some of my own. Look....

My stall was just inside the door with light from one of the large stained glass windows illuminating my stuff. The little doll behind one of the oxo tins now lives here

Toni Raymon Mexican Man sugar shaker renewing his aquaintance with the Toni Raymond Owl scissor and string holder.

Remembering the airing rack this time, ment I could sling some curtains and fabric over it
I usually leave something or things behind (this time I left lots). I usually forget the airing rack, but not this time. I love things that unfold and can be put to many different uses.
Visiting this fair was just as much fun as last time perhaps even more fun. #1 son didn't come along this time, so I didn't have to keep nipping to the car park to see if he was still waiting in the camper. I just have to thank my two helpers Sophie and Mc and of course all the customers, organisers and café staff. I welcome cup of coffee and melting moment was provided at set-up. I'm beginning to think this treatment is normal. Stall holders got similar treatment at Bridport rag market. I'm sure it wasn't like this when I used to do craft fairs in the Taunton area...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

New Diary

I'm very disorganised, but I like an interesting diary. Last year I had a Dodo diary and the year before I had a Benrik Diary This year I only have a basic supermarket own label affair. The first thing I do when I get a new diary is stick a pocket in the back if it doesn't already have one, so I was pleased when I found next years diary. It has a very substantial pouch fitted inside the back cover.

I don't usualy order the next years diary in March, but while I was ordering limited edition Liberty fabric from the V&A I noticed that they had a diary celerbrating their impending quilt exhibition. The photo's are sumptuous. Lovely shots of the back of quilts, haberdashery etc.

Of course I had to buy fabric . To make lovely things with.

There are great advantages to being prepared I can enter next years dates for the cat's flea treatment!!! I'm only worried that I might loose the diary before next year.