Sunday, 5 September 2010

How bizarre

Ashburton, Devon

I haven't slept through the summer, but I haven't updated this blog either. I've stayed in and done some sewing and gone out and left my camera at home. One time I picked up single use camera on the way to Liz's sale. The pictures are still in the camera, and have to be extracted the old fashioned way. If they come out I'll publish them some other time.

We have just returned from Ashburton, and I took my camera with me this time. This place had lots of the things we like......
A great second hand book shopA great 2nd hand book shop.

Well stocked sewing and yarn shop Sew Enchanting
"Sew Enchanting". A very well stocked sewing and knitting shop. I bought some super chunky racrac from here.

And lots of antique and vintage shops. There was only one charity shop! Fortunately it was a Brainwave shop, as they are among my favourites.

These pictures were taken in The Snug in North Street

Habberdashery counter, "The Snug"

The main attraction was the Bizarre Bazaar in the town hall. I spotted a link about it on facebook. We had never been to Ashburton before and had one child free day of summer left, so instead of attending our usuall fortnightly auction we decided to visit Devon instead.

We found the town hall easily, because of the decorations and buskers. There were some nice people inside.Kate of Ruby Ruby - aprons cushions, tea & egg cosies + bunting

Andrea- Wilde purple frogs, garments with Jan Quercus jewellery

Grace & favour home

shabby chick stall at the Bizarre Bazaar Ashburton

Amanda - Shabby chick

We had a wide choice of venues for our morning and afternoon tea as well as our lunch. Of course we went home with a few purchaces.
Fishing floats

Metal letters from the snug- I've always liked this type face and it's very popular at the moment.

My pile of books (Mc's was much bigger!)

We would definately visit Ashburton again. Just think all those times I've visited Trago Mills and not know about this town,- so close....


carol at home said...

Asburton looks like a really nice place to visit

The Vintage Bazaar said...

love those letters! Lizzie x