Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sherbourne Vintage Textiles and Retro Fair

I could feel the flood water washing the underside of my well loaded van as I drove to Sherbourne for the Vintage Textiles and Retro Fair. The warning lights on the dashboard eventually faded as I arrived at the hall.

As usual I didn't have a preconceived layout for my stall, so I did lots of unpacking and rearranging. It all seem to work out ok, and I managed to cut fabric without proper sheers. I discovered that you can't rip rayon, and now have a bruise from using the only scissors in my toolbox.

 Oh I  didn't try those bent scissors! They might have been better than the ones I struggled with. Can someone please tell me why they are bent?

The fair was arranged in two rooms, with one stall outside. I had a bit of a wander and took some photo's in the second room.
There was a man with furniture.

..and a makeup artist and stylist working together to do makeovers. As well as the other stalls in the second room I think this was were the cups of tea that Mc kept supplying me with came from.

I'm booked in for next month, and will be in the same place - in front of the stage. That's 12th Feb 2011. I may hint at a Valentines day theme, because of the date.


Grumpy Old Woman said...

Lovely photos!

The Vintage Bazaar said...

Those are fab photos! Good to see you at the fair? Did you have a good one? I was very pleased with my takings & have booked to be on the stage next time! Liz xx PS bent scissors could be for cutting bandages or plaster of paris casts..... it makes it easier to remove them without digging into the patient!
PPS were those girls really doing makeovers???

Mumxie said...

Ah yes they could be plaster scissors, but they seam to be bent a bit differently. They came with some similarly bent applique scissors. The two girls had a lot of kit with them, brushes hairgrips etc. I don't go near that sort of stuff so couldn't say what it was for exactly! They were probably promoting and advertising their services. They both looked fabulous.

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

So glad I managed to pop in en route to Dairy House. Great to see you Jo. Whether I'll get there next time or not remains to be seen, but fingers crossed. Glad you had a good day. Lovely pics. xx