Friday, 30 January 2009

The big clear-out continues

photo taken a last years local bonfire night

It's a good thing there's more than one new years day and more than one calender. As this is my first post of the new year you can assume that I follow the Chinese calender! Lets see what the year of the ox brings. I'm supposed to be clearing out lots of clutter to appease my landlord, but this seams to involve um accumulating more stuff! I bought some lovely vintage suitcases to pack away my summer stuff. They are perched atop my new vintage wardrobe which I got from the furniture welfare people. It's fabulously Jeeves and Wooster with labelled shelves for my hats, shirts, pyjamas, underwear and sundries!

I think the cat is having trouble with the labelling system that looks like craft supplies not pyjamas! Progress is being made, however. I managed to part with a fat quarter of fabric. I eBayed some vintage Laura Ashley Strawberry Fields fabric this week. I have been making little heart shaped lavender sachets with it and wondered just how popular that Laura Ashley print is. I don't mind if no one else likes it, but it is nice to know. The eBay page got 108 hits in the week it was on, 11 people were watching it and it sold after getting 3 bids.

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