Monday, 16 February 2009

Snow Day!

All that's left of this snowman today is a plant pot sized mound of snow. The day the snow came was the day this village came alive. People were out in the streets, parks and gardens. The school was closed, the buses didn't run and most of the shops in Yeovil didn't open. The snow acted as a 'get out of school/college/work free card'. We made our snow man well and it is the only scrap of snow left in the area. It was the first real snow number-one-son has ever seen and been able to participate in. Since the snow we have had floods and now we have the promise of spring.

It wont be long before we will all be eating outside! I made some bunting from some vintage fabric I have been using to make grocery bags. Here it is hung it on the same hedge that Jerry the snowman was standing afront. What a difference exactly two weeks makes! Seems like a different season! I've taken a shine to this fabric having acquired similar patterns in blue, pink, purple and yellow colourways. I'm still looking for a green and a red version, so I can offer a whole spectrum of eco friendly reuseable shopping bags. Most of the fabric comes from recycling bedding and it seems that red and green prints are rare. I'm off search for some....

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