Monday, 24 May 2010

A glorious weekend and Donna's open house

Me and Donna with matching tape measures

I have often tried to get to one of Donna Flower's open days and have always been thwarted. Double booking, prior commitments, freak weather etc have always got in the way. Not this time though. I finally made it albeit at the last minute on the last day. Mc drove me and Sophie all the way through scenic Somerset and Devon ( I was doing crochet, so I didn't actually see any of the scenery. I had to unravel most of it though, because I was reading out the google map directions and kept getting the octagonal pattern wrong.)

We discovered that we had matching cloth tape measures!!! I often wear mine when I'm doing shows as there is a place to keep your scissors and pins.

I was tempted by all the lovely fabric, but what I had my eye on was the lovely twine that Donna sells. It comes in a variety of colour-ways, but I was after the white with red to go with my vintage twine holder. I should have measured it or taken it with me to insure a good fit, but look it fits perfectly! With 300 mtrs I should have enough for parcels, and making price tags for items in my shop. I might even try crochet or macrame and make a string bag.

By the time I arrived stock was depleted, but there was still plenty to feast my eyes on. Look at these snugly quilts, blankets and eiderdowns. I'm surprised I didn't find one of Donna's cats sleeping in here.

I've seen Donna's gorgeous kitchen in a few magazines, and it was lovely to see it first hand. It is huge in real life.

Sophie took the photos in this blog post. After choosing a dress and a pair of shoes from the clothing section.

When we first arrived in the village and I popped in to tell Donna we were there, but on our way to lunch. She sent us to Tea on the Green a lovely vintage themed cafe in Westward Ho! We popped back to Westward Ho! to visit the beach after we left Donna's

Then it was back home to Ilchester where the glorious weather continued. Sunday morning's car boot sale was a big one with sellers happy to get up on a warm morning with no sign of rain, and sell their unwanted stuff.

I went home with quite a stash. I bought a box of knitting needles without looking through them. I was thrilled to find an illusive afghan crochet hook in there. Here it's pictured here against an amazing pouffe that is hiding behind everything else in the picture. Also hiding is a cute little folding wooden step stool. Oh yes that is a pair of purple Dr. Martins - size 6 which means they might even make it into my shop as we are all (including No1 son, but except Mc) size 4/5


Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Glad you had such a lovely time! I was so upset not to be able to get there this time, but I've been lucky to go to 3 of Donna's Open House days so far, so I shouldn't complain!!

Sue x

vintagerockchick said...

Have just found your blog from a link on Donna's - the sale sounds marvellous, as does your event at Bridport.Just as I was considering a move to Yorkshire after my hols, now I may have to re-think and make it the West Country, so that I can come to all of the wonderful fairs and sales you describe!

Mumxie said...

mmmm it's a tough choice I visited your blog and was gobsmacked when I saw the button shop and the olde sweet shop I think we should arrange coach trips or exchanges. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a coment