Monday, 10 May 2010

If you can't find me I'm down at the allotment

I made it to the top of the waiting list, and now have an allotment in my village. You can see it from the 303 as you zoom past the Ilchester junction and smell the sewage works.

I decided that this bed was far too big, and wanted to split it into two smaller beds or make it L shaped. This is why I have been so quiet lately.

I took over a small plot which has had some work done on it already, but the last tenant was moving out, so, the shed, gate, bench and wood from the raised beds were eventually taken away.
One thing I have noticed is how obsessed the English are about potatoes. Everyone wants to know 'Where are you going to put your potatoes?' 'How big is you potato bed going to be?' 'Will you be sowing earlies, late earlies and lates?' well actually I wasn't going to grow any spuds at all!! We eat carrots and broccoli, some beans sweet potatoes, pasta, couscous, and rice at home. Why would I want to grow potatoes?
Mc has taken over the general direction of the allotment and if you haven't noticed he is Irish, so we are growing Charlotte and Desiree who as far as I knew were two of Elvis' girlfriends, but are actually potatoes.
We have now got a microwave cooking box thing in the kitchen and I have heard that you can put potatoes in it and wait for a ting noise and then they come out a bit like baked boiled potatoes. I think it is as much a waste of space as the similar looking TV box thing in the other room.
We have been working the allotment for a month now and I notice that we should start taking notes. We forget what we have sewn where and when. This info would be useful now and next year.
I've missed some good fairs due to having my head in the mud (that's another thing apparently it is called SOIL). I will have to visit a few blogs to see what I missed.


Linden said...

How cool your own allotment, you are going to be busy but such satisfation your own home grown Jo!
The waiting list is so long in Taunton, I enquired.

Mumxie said...

Linda I love your bike. I have a Pashley Princess Sovereign and have just got an old tradesman's bike to show off (and hopefully sell) at the shop. Mc uses it to go down the allotment. I've got a very old BSA ladies bike in the shed I should take to the shop too.

Linden said...

Thanks, You cant go far wrong with a Pashley can you I ordered my Britania limited edition the day after it came out on Feb 14th,picked it up second week of the school holidays and have been riding it ever since.My friend ordered The Princess Sovereign in Black same time as me.You sould take your bikes into your shop ready for summer.
May see you at the next Shepton mallet Flea Market ?