Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Black and White

We are well into a new year and I haven't done an update!
Christmas went well. I've come up with a brill plan which I aim to follow every Christmas from now on ... KEEP IT SIMPLE! Feeding 3 generations, 3 different religions, vegetarians, nut allergy victims, and type 1 diabetics is easy. The easiest part was being allowed to use the same oven. Even though there was no bacon on the turkey and for the vegies no turkey in the 'turkey' (no nuts in the nut roast) and no goose fat in the roast spuds and no chestnuts with the sprouts. It was all quite easy, because I didn't do sprouts with chestnuts (straight forward sprouts are easy), no glazed carrots (straight forward carrots are easy and have no added sugar) pigs in blankets/kilted sausages in their own tray (easier to keep an eye on) The only thing I made was the gravey (vegetarian).
We had snow again in the new year. I only took one photo this time .......

My cats foot print in the snow.

After taking down the christmas display in the shop window I decided to go for a black and white theme.

That got changed for Valentine's day, and now it's back to natural wood. Before long I will be looking to add a splash of colour, but I'm too busy sorting stock for the rag market in Bridport this weekend. I've been before as a customer, but never sold there. I love Bridport and I'm looking forward to a lovely day.

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